Meet the Pets!

Hello! This is Dawn speaking, here to update the animal situation 🙂 Alright so, starting off with dogs. With us currently are Lacey (the fluffy white one) and Pepper (the bigger black one). Lacey joined our family during the summer of 2014, and Pepper joined us in November of 2018. In addition to the dogs, we have P-nut butter and Nugget, our guinea pigs. (Previously p-nut and s’mores, but s’mores passed away last year due to a heat wave in our area) And then the chickens! We have eight in total (Chicken deaths sadly haven’t been uncommon these past couple years)

The names of our chickens are as follows: Ginger, Charlie, Oreo, Fluffy, Cotton, Fiesty, Judy, and last but not least, Bailee. And of course we have to include Garfield, Danelle’s sweet cat, as a part of our family as well 🙂

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